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With festivals taking place all through the year in and around the city of Venice, many of the region's most popular fiestas are water-based, including sailing regattas and boating events, together with sporting championships, cultural fiestas, processions and concerts.

Popular festivals in Venice include the following events.

Annual Venice Festivals

  • January: Regatta delle Befane, taking place each year on January 6th, being the first significant boating event of the year
  • February: Carnevale, one of the most colourful and popular events in Venice, when many people wear traditional Venetian costumes and masks
  • April: Festa di San Marco, a range of celebrating marking the feast day of San Marco (Saint Mark), the city's famous patron saint
  • May: Festa Medioevale del Vino Soave Bianco Soave, at the beginning of the month each year, with medieval-style parades through the city, together with live music
  • May: Vogalonga Rowing Regatta, a long race around the canals of central Venice, regularly attracting more than 3,000 participants
  • July: Opera Festival, with a range of events and performances taking place at the Roman Arena and a number of churches around the city

  • August: Venice International Film Festival, with a range of screening at the Palazzo del Cinema, known locally as the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia
  • August: Festa dell'Assunta, lasting around nine days and including a mixture of live music and dancing in the Treviso area
  • December: New Year's Eve, with many services at prominent Catholic churches as the new year approaches

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